Idaho Medical Association Annual Meeting & House of Delegates
October 7-9, 2022, Sun Valley Resort

Become an ACMS Delegate 

Each year, the Idaho Medical Association House of Delegates (HOD) sets its advocacy agenda through resolutions and reports on activity during its annual meeting. As a delegate, you will help guide the future direction of your Idaho Medical Association's policy and legislative priorities. There will also be a medical education session that is still being qualified for credits and topics are yet to be finalized.

ACMS Delegate Qualifications: 

  • Any "Active" physician member (by IMA By-laws definition) is allowed to serve as an ACMS delegate, assuming they are not already serving as a delegate of another medical association.
  • Those paying part-time, administrative, government, or educational dues rates may qualify as a delegate by paying the balance of a full-time Active member annual dues rate of $520/$210 (IMA/ACMS portions respectively.) Retired member physicians still maintaining an Idaho license and fellows paying resident level dues could do the same.
  • Secondary society members of ACMS may not serve as an ACMS delegate but can only serve in their "native" county society.
  • Otherwise, ACMS member medical residents, medical students, PAs, and NPs are not qualified to serve as delegates but could attend and even speak during the HOD session if invited by an Active delegate to do so.

ACMS Delegate Stipend Available

Registering to attend the Annual Meeting and HOD as a delegate is free for IMA physician members. ACMS provides a stipend as a token of recognition of time spent out of the clinic for eligible delegates attending as "native" ACMS members. Due to our approved budget for stipends, they will be awarded as follows:

Stipend Policy Effective 8/8/2022

  • A $500 stipend will be provided to ACMS members who attend BOTH the Friday and Sunday House of Delegates Sessions in-personOur goal is to incentivize full involvement in the policy-making process. Remote viewing attendance link will not qualify you for attendance and stipend distribution.
  • An additional $250 stipend will be provided to ACMS members who successfully serve on the reference committee at that House of Delegates. Limited slots for involvement on the reference committee are available. Please alert IMA staff of your desire to serve and to learn more about this opportunity. Our goal is to incentivize additional commitment to the policy-making process.
  • ACMS Board members who participate in the full House of Delegates sessions receive an additional $500 stipend. Our goal is to incentivize leadership service and engagement in the policy-making process.
Currently, our budget should allow for about 28 delegates to receive just the $500 stipend, in addition to ACMS board members and reference committee members. If this number is exceeded, stipend reimbursement will cap out on a first-registered, first-served basis. As of 9/14/22, the number of ACMS delegates slated for reimbursement has been filled and registrants after this date have no guarantee of being provided a stipend. This will depend on how many of these already registered delegates fulfill their obligation and register for a stipend.
  • If fewer delegates attend, IMA Board of Trustees and other specialty society or medical educational delegates will be offered the opportunity to apply for a stipend, on a first-come, first-served basis. Our goal is to prioritize recognition of "lay-level" members' participation over other leadership delegates who typically have their travel expenses paid for in full.
  • All delegates are afforded the opportunity to redirect any or all of their stipend to the ACMS Foundation to support the Physician Vitality Program Fund and/or the Medical Student and Resident Emergency Fund, or not receive a stipend at all. Our goal is to highlight the opportunities the ACMS Foundation has for members to support it.
  • Any physicians receiving a stipend of $600 or more will be issued a 1099-NEC form next January as reportable income, unless travel receipts not otherwise already reimbursed by others are turned in with the stipend request form. Our goal is to prioritize compliance with federal and state laws.   

Sun Valley Resort: Room reservations in Sun Valley should be made as early as possible to ensure availability at the best rate. Online registration and information can be found on the IMA website at

ACMS will host a members only breakfast at the meeting on Sunday. You can register for this when you register with the IMA to attend.

Can't travel to Sun Valley for the HOD? You have two options:

1) All IMA members (voting or otherwise) are provided the opportunity to participate in the "Virtual Reference Committee" prior to HOD. First, review the House of Delegates materials on the IMA Website here. The files will open in dropbox and you may make inline comments on any of the materials by clicking on the right hand side of the screen and record a comment.

2) IMA members will also be able to view the HOD and IMA Annual Meeting Proceedings via videoconference. However, it will be in webinar view-only format and no participation in the HOD proceedings, such as testimony, comments, support or voting, will take place virtually during the proceedings. Additionally, viewing the HOD proceedings this way does not qualify registered delegates as having attended for purposes of stipend reimbursement. You must register in advance for viewing, using the same form as regular delegate registration and select virtual attendance only.

Please watch IMA email bulletins for more information.

Learn more about the House of Delegates Process Here

Resolutions and Reports

ACMS has authored and is sponsoring a resolution (page 53) for the House of Delegates to support the protection of physicians and other healthcare workers' workplace and personal safety.

ACMS is also a co-sponsor on a resolution (page 60) seeking to clarify and codify Board of Medicine policies around resident licensure after their intern year.

See our draft 2021-2022 report (starting at page 37) of District IV to the IMA House of Delegates, which provides a reasonably comprehensive view of our activities over the past 12 months.