Dreaming of the Future

If you could take a step back from the craziness of life and medical practice right now, picture yourself in the mid 2030's and ask, "How would I describe this incredible medical community in the Treasure Valley to another doctor I wish would move here," what would you say?

Describe Your Ideal Medical Community

Here are a few things shared with us so far. I dream of a medical community that is:

  • Incredibly Cohesive - The connection of the physician workforce and the health systems in the communities for the benefit of patient care in the Treasure Valley is the singular force in drawing high-quality, well-trained, and diverse doctors to our area.  The commitment of ACMS to bring the stakeholders together is the driving force. Perhaps ACMS can connect with the key administrative individuals from the community and draw them into this vision.  Need to demand that 'competition' is no longer the norm, but 'connection' and 'quality' will provide for all parties as we move into an uncertain future. - Nephrologist
  • Really Vibrant -We have a lovely mix of specialists and primary care providers, some of who have been in practice for over 20 years. We also have many new learners in a variety of training programs. Everyone has a certain outdoors person vigor that brings liveliness and vibrancy to the medical community! I hope ACMS can emphasize the diverse interests, hobbies, and community positions that health care providers have outside of medicine. - Family Medine resident
  • Extremely Open to New Methods - I hope Ada County physicians remain passionate about learning. Many systems restrict access to industry, and physicians and care providers, who are already too busy to keep up on everything, miss out on the opportunity to speak with a product expert and learn about a new diagnostic, new treatment, or new vaccine which might make a huge difference to their patients. Pharmaceutical Rep
  • Deeply Supportive - Supportive of pts- excellent docs providing excellent care, Primary care focused and accessible - universal health care, no need to waste time on billing and insurance Supportive of each other- healthy hours and support systems Supportive of civil rights- proving pts all the care they need no matter what
  • Incredibly Satisfying - The physicians respect each other and help each other out.  Administrators ask us for direction and advice rather than finding new ways to tell physicians they aren't good enough.  Paperwork is an adjunct to ensuring patient health rather than an obstacle and a hurdle.  The physician-patient relationship is respected by the community and laws that interfere with it are easily put down.  People in the community trust each other and their physicians and that trust is not misplaced.  Support staff should be well compensated.