Verification of Membership

Confirm membership on all new clients upon making first appointments. All WWAMI medical students rotating in Ada County are eligible for services; Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine (ICOM) students are not, but member faculty are. 

PVP Qualified ACMS Members Directory

Billing for Sessions

In 2022, for every client you serve in a month, you will submit a separate invoice for the total of their encounters that month. The client member will still be anonymous to ACMS. Please call 208-336-2930 if you have any questions or challenges with this form.


2022 PVP Billing Form

Program Forms

To maintain transparency, anybody in our membership can see the backend processes, forms, and commitments of mental health providers* and ACMS in this program.


Interested in being a contracted mental health provider with our program?

We are always putting LCSWs, LCPCs, LMFTs, and psychologists (PhDs/Psy-Ds*) into the pipeline for consideration as a contractor for the Physician Vitality Program. The video below should answer many questions and all our forms, contracts, and related paperwork is listed above individually or as a Zip file.

You can fill out this form as an initial inquiry or full application if you have all your paperwork ready (we recommend the former first.) This will place you in our queue for an interview. If you'd like to ask other questions, please call Steven Reames at (208) 336-2930.\

*Please note in the past we have used various terms to cover our mental health providers. We are working through our forms and paperwork to replace the general term therapist to be more inclusive of all levels of mental health providers and only using specific terms such as counselor and Psy-D when we mean them.

This video is a summary of our program and processes for inquiring mental health providers.