ACMS Physician of the Year

2022 Nominations Open

Each year, our board of directors solicits nominations to honor one of its members as its Physician of the Year. Nominees should exemplify the best ideals and aspirations of our profession by:

  • Being active in the Ada County Medical Society and the broader community.
  • Displaying outstanding professionalism and behavior
  • Standing out among physicians in the community
  • Acting as a mentor to other physicians.
  • Promoting the advancement of new technology and patient care
  • Actively supporting physician issues at the local, state, and national level

Nominations for 2022 are due by July 31 for our fall annual meeting. ACMS Members and the public may submit nominations by filling out this electronic form or if not a member, this one. If you prefer, a paper form is here.

Previous Year’s Honorees

John  Mohr (03), Rodney Herr & Kirby Orme (04), Karl Watts (05), James Blackman (06), Roy Swinehart (07), Jon Wagnild (08), Larry Dewey (09), Ted Epperly (10), David Hindson (11), Jerry Hirschfeld (12), Jeralyn Jones (13), Perry Brown, Jr. (14) Ed Newcombe (15), Joe Callanan (16), Joe Williams (17), Kyle Palmer (18), Kim Stutzman (19), Justin Glass / Christine Hahn (20), Sky Blue (21)

2021 Physician of the Year, Sky Blue MD

2022 Physicians of the Year, Christine Hahn, MD and Justin Glass, MD